Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wow, it has been a REALLY long time since we've been here. Since I (Dan) have the day off, I thought I would revive the old blog.

So, what has been new since we last spoke?

We released a new album called 'Creature' in November of 2010.

Shawn Tegtmeier made a video for our title track, and you can view it here.

John Whitney and crew have been following us around for the past few months and filming our every move. There is a documentary in the works.

From all the live footage John has taken, he pieced together what would become our second music video for our second single, 'The Promising'.

CD101 has been amazing in their support. We have been asking our fans to call or text in to CD101 and request Creature or The Promising. The format to text is like so: text "Request Phantods Creature" (or The Promising) to 68683.

We're looking forward to the summer, and TOURING! We'll finally start playing out of town again and getting to surrounding cities and states soon. We can't wait!

See you all soon